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Fashion is PASSION…

In ASVOFF, Diane Pernet, fashion film, Fashion is Passion, fip on October 30, 2009 at 12:13 pm
Yesterday was full of fashion events – one of them took place in the Riga Circus – the final of the creative fashion competition „Fashion is Passion” (FIP). FIP is an annual creative competition, which gives a chance to every young artist from Baltic States to prove his or her creative talent.
I haven’t been in Circus since I was 6 years old, so from my point of view – the location itself was worth to see. However event wasn’t crowded, overall atmosphere was good. Cute girls dressed a la circus-style offered drinks and popcorn. Žanete Skarule was the host of the event and she did really well, especially the performance featuring real leopard.
Even more important it was unique opportunity to see the collection of the famous fashion icon Diane Pernet movie’s collection “A Shaded View on Fashion Film” (ASVOFF) premier in Latvia as well as evaluate FIP final works and to participate at the nomination ceremony of FIP.
As the fashion films are the future of the fashion, event clearly showed that fashion is not just clothes. It’s a form of art with unique conception, production as a part of bigger idea in order to communicate and extend the vision. Fashion film includes not only films done by designers but also advertisements, documentaries, music videos (in which fashion and style play prominent role), retrospectives etc.
Here are 3 of my favorites from ASVOFF 2009 film collection (full list of ASOFF films and more info you can find here)

Gareth Pugh and film of his aw 2009 collection. That’s a real piece of art.

Rick Owens – talking about fashion differences of man and woman as well as portrait of him.

Something funny – for shoe addicts… 🙂

For me the most important part was the ASVOFF films but after all the winner of FIP competition was film “Lust Lust” produced by Mārtiņš Grauds (you can watch all other FIP completion films here). No prize for Mareunrol’s (they actually had 2 films in FIP contest)  – I think that was one of the most intriguing moments. Honestly, for me that was something new and fresh and unexpected. No offense, but I am so used to the fact that Mareunrol’s win all the prices (and that definetly shows how talanted they are), but sometimes I just want “new blood” – and I finally got that…
Congrats, congrats – Mārtiņ!
P.S.It was very dark there in circus and Boy with his awesome camera was attending RFW shows, so I was left alone with my poor camera (and I’m terribly bad with techniques). Anyway I got very, very shaded snap of Diane Pernet. So enjoy infamous fashion icon!