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The Opening Show

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The first day of RFW is already over. Opening show was… well… a bit weird. I didn’t get that glamorous and special-invitations-only feeling witch I was expecting to catch. I think everything ended way too early and I had a feeling that the event wasn’t that much about fashion week as for people to show off themselves. But But I don’t want to criticize.
First of all – the shows. I liked the simplicity and natural elegance of Anna Led, especially lovely were shoes (wedges) coveredwith leggings, skirts that reminded me parachutes and accentuated waistline. Something magical was there (click on image to enlarge).
Collection by Hanna Korsar was theatrical, garments were very detailed (there really was something Galiano-ish) and textiles were manipulated in some mystical way but I couldn’t fully enjoy the show only because the lighting wasn’t appropriate and the stairs made catwalk way too complicated to follow. I was soooooooo worried that models could fall down the stairs (and I saw the stress in their eyes too) that I just couldn’t stop watching their feet. 
I think that lot of people didn’t even recognize music and video performance by Žanete Auziņa and I was one of them. There were 3 or 4 LCD monitors that were showing video by Auziņa. But I understand it too late to pay appropriate attention because monitors made me think of advertisements and I didn’t even watch them.  
Performance of Latte (Backstreet boy-ish band) was, no offence, but a bit ridiculous however it made me smile (and laugh) a lot : ) I’m in love with a fairytale… 
Still I appreciate that RFW is still going on and is still alive even though it’s tough. I like that organizers are still passionate about their mission. As Janis Logins, one of the organizers of RFW,  said that it’s all about local designers – they are the reason WHY fashion week has been organized. If local designers do well, fashion week do well. So let’s wait for shows.
It’s not the right time to be super picky however critics always help to make improvements.
For me openings are all about hobnobbing, especially when such events as fashion weeks, usually, are stuffed with different kinds of societés, celebs and other-well-know-people. However, this time it was really hard to mingle with them because of bad lighting. The idea of the opening event in semi-ready cinema was interesting, but i haven`t seen any connection between Anna Led’s and Hanna Korsar’s collections and dream factory at all.
If you don`t take in account the show’s lighting and set up, Girl is absolutely right about Anna Led and her supreme femininity and simplicity (in some ways) of the collection. More over it was a preview of her SS’10 so there will be more to see and hopefuly wear.
Regarding Hanna Korsar’s collection a have mixed feelings. True, that it was creative and spectacular, but was it really THAT creative. During the cat walk (or horror performance where models were balancing on stairs and avoiding grand falls. Too early for Halloween, i guess) i couldn`t get rid of a thought that Mr. Galiano’s has passed away and Hanna is his next reincarnation, but with a less fantasy and budget.

Girl mentioned about two performances – Latte and Žaneta Auziņa. Well, to tell the truth, instead of enjoying Latte i was looking for champagne refill and Žanete’s video and music performance stayed completely unnoticed to me.    
There are 3 more days to come… What it will be is a mystery. Just follow us, make an effort!

RFW (a)LIVE!!!

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Oh boy, i`m so flattered to be invited to RFW opening party. I hope we`ll be the first one who`ll cover this event.

Most of all, i`m exited about ANNA LED new collection ( have no idea what ANNA is going to present, but i`m 100% positive that there will be some comfort-radiant-knitwear.
Never-seen-before HANNA KORSAR’s ( collection is this day’s intrigue. Just few words to say, she`s  John Galiano with a etno-Baltic twist with less make up.
You want know and see more, then follow us! Right, Girl?!

Sooo true, Boy! I feel excitement all around me! And actually I can’t wait to see the video & music performance by Zanete Auzina? I don’t really know what to expect but that makes everything even more intriguing. Will see!

Dear followers, stay tuned and we will let you know all the details!

Riga Fashion Week

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Dear followers,

We, Girl and Boy are very happy to announce, that stuff’n’style has been accredited to cover Riga Fashion Week.
“On October 28-31 the capital of Latvia will host biannual international fashion festival RIGA FASHION WEEK organized by the Baltic Fashion Federation. With its more than 5 years history RFW became a visiting card of Riga promoting the city as the fashion capital of the Baltic region. This time Riga Fashion Week will present fashion trends from the leading designers of the Baltic region and international brands for the spring/summer 2010 season. Splendid program of the event full of multifarious shows, presentations, exhibitions and parties will traditionally entertain the visitors of RFW.” this and many more you can read on
Meanwhile, we are going to visit the hot spots of the RFW and post about it. Also we have invitations to Anna Led catwalk. Be prepared to meet Latvian queen of knitwear already tomorrow!
P.S. Gosh, what we are going to wear… 🙂