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Люблю! loves me

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Hello y’all,

i have love-hate relations with magazine Люблю! . This time they liked my checked Levi’s skinnies. Thank you Ljuba Mikelsone! 


talking ’bout Louboutins :)

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Boy, I think your dream was some kind of sign… JLo has a new single called “Louboutins” and yesterday she fell (on her butt) during her American Music Awards performance…

Anyway, performance wasn’t bad and she got up very quickly… Well done, JLO!!! 🙂

Here’s little JLO’s explanation (you can hear the whole interview here: Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show )

“Did I? Did I? Did I trip a little bit? I don’t even remember,” Lopez said with a chuckle. “Yeah, I meant to do that. You should know me better than that. That was part of the choreography.”

(…)”The measure of things is not what happens when you fall, it’s how you recover when you fall … It was fun, it was really fun,” she said. “It was nice to be back on stage and doing my thing.”

GAGA everywhere

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I guess everyone has noticed that not-so-recent buzz about Lady Gaga. Yes, it might be well organised and planned promo campaign of her new album THE FAME MONSTER, but can you name any artist of this decade who brought cutting edge fashion on pop stage? Or renewed this cosmic style? Or did something extraordinary? Well the only name what comes in my mind is Bjork, but isn’t she from the last century?! No offence to Bjork’s fans, but she`s not that young and energetic anymore, and that’s easy to explain – she’s 44. And still she never was a pop icon, an icon may be. While you are thinking of other gagaish artists here’s a promo video 😀

Lady Gaga became so popular that now you cant event say, who’s using whom to gain an extra publicity. Here’s a list of gaganization:
A song from the album THE FAME MONSTER Telephone featuring Beyonce: youtube this song yourself, there’s no official clip yet

A song by Beyonce Video phone featuring Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s appearance in TV series Gossip Girl

A photo session in American Vogue featuring Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz and Grace Coddington.

Oh, isn’t she everywhere? Girl may be you have something to add?

I can only agree – she is everywhere. And you know what – I like it !!! Gaga is never boring and there’s always something to talk about… 🙂
Here’s the latest performance by Lady Gaga in American Music Awards (Bad Romance & Speechless):

Gaga-oh-la-laaaaa 🙂

Mountain climbing with Louboutin

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I had a dream recently, where a fabulous shoes Calipso by Louboutin were involved. You might think that i was a part of a travesty show? No! I`v became eclectic freak like some famous he-bloggers? No! So what was it… It was a crime against fashion! In my dream i actually was using Calipso shoes as  climbing-irons. I was climbing a mountain  using this red silk heel as a pin. OMG how cold was there and what an extravagant climbing equipment! 

Looking for inspiration?

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Yipii I finally bought the book I’ve wanted for sooo long but somehow I couldn’t manage to find the time to order it on Some days ago I accidentally saw it at the bookstore AND now it’s here in my hands 🙂 The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman. Love it. is a blog I’ve been constantly following for 3 years. I think Scott Schuman is the one who perfectly shows that personal style is all about self expression. But fashion is just a drop in the ocean. Blog is very inspirational and I like that Schuman lets the pictures talk themselves, no labels, no brands.
If you don’t own the book already you might think why to buy book if you can find Schuman’s pictures in his blog. You know, the reason is simple – it’s a BOOK (something that you can hold in your hands) you put on your night or coffee table and browse when you lack inspiration. And I’m absolutely sure you will find pictures that you’ll love and find inspirational because they are so different – super feminine vs super masculine vs androgyny; rich people vs homeless, teens vs seniors from all over the world.

 via the Sartorialist here
via the Sartorialist here

 Of course, no one can deny that Schuman has his own style and taste when choosing who to shoot but for me it’s more about the details, I love how he finds the tiniest things, details, patterns and shapes in the outfit that basically build up the whole look.

via the Sartorialist here
via the Sartorialist here
via the Sartorialist here
 And I will leave you with this funny step by step guide to getting shot by The Sartorialist ;btw it’s actually a pretty fair presentation 🙂 (click to enalrge)


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We, Girl and Boy are proud to introduce our new rubric – WEEKEND AGENDA. Each Thursday we are going to present a list of weekend events worth attending. (sorry guys, but we were really busy yesterday to make it on time, so please don`t be)

No pre-party, no party. 
Luckily DJ #1 in Latvia Bogdan Taran has launched pre-parties @ Salt`nPepper bar. They started already last week and i was fun. So from now on as a pre-party place we choose Salt`n’Pepper (10, Palasta street Riga)

This Friday, 20th NOV
– Pre-party with DJ’s Dmi3 and Discomethod from 21:00 till 3:00. Free entrance, but there is a face control. If you’re sober – you’re in. Plus special price for Finlandia Redberry + Orange drink only for 2 Ls!!!

– Party @ SPACE:GARAGE with Dmitry Zagga behind the turntables. More info here:

This Saturday, 21st NOV

-Pre-party with DJ Max Lomov @ Salt`n’Pepper.


I think event worth attending this weekend is jewelery show ROCK CRYSTAL at gallery “Putti” (Mārstaļu iela ) by the local jewellery artists VALDIS BROŽE, GUNTIS LAUDERS, GINTS STRĒLIS, MĀRIS ŠUSTIŅŠ, JĀNIS VILKS and the guest from Lithuania SAULIUS TREINY. more info here:

I’m almost sure that I will be amazed by the diversity of rock crystal and the different interpretations of rock crystal jewellery.

As Christmas is almost here I hope that dear Santa Claus is reading what I’m writing here  🙂


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As we were writing before, Girl and Boy went to that fashion trade FASHION:NETTO.

There were some nice accessories and dresses. I`v bought two fabulous pieces. A brooch by Līva Jaunozola, brand Tasty Things and superior jabot by Evita Vilde – DollyA
Prices were ok, and taking in account that all garments are handmade and unique, they were worth very penny. Girl has spent like an hour in a fitting room, trying on Žanete Auziņa dresses, but to my mind they were too big for her. Pity, but i hope next time Girl will find something suitable.The jabot made my whole outfit – i got really inspired by it and eventually my evening set has been ready in few minutes. Black suit, blue shirt and jabot!
In this outfit we were heading to Paul Mitchell event, which actually was merged withGlobal  Fitness 1st anniversary. The whole event was really strange, but a performance by Paul Mitchell team leaded Oleg Stepanov by famous hairstylist from Riga, who’s just back from London, where he successfuly continued his career, was really artistic and with a message. Also we had a chance to see one more time some pieces of KatjaKatja Shehurina, SALT and Andre Tan collections. 

BTW i use Paul Mitchell products which are not cheep but of a really good quality. Now i have a tea tree shampoo. I love that chilly feeling after application

Ok, from the very beginning i promised to myself not to take pictures of strange people with a bad taste. But i couldn’t resist it this time. Plus i had a huge support from Girl and our friends (actually one of them did the picture, thank you!!!)   So this is an example of NOT TO WEAR AT ALL. Sorry, but this reminds me of a cheep sex shop. 

Luckily we saw some really stylish person Julija Rumjanceva. She was wearing a dress by Stella Gaile, double colored tights (one leg in black, other dark gray) by Lindex and ankle boots by Alberto Fermani
Shall i mention fake Baiba Sipeniece?! No, coz it wasn’t her. 
I can only agree that FASHION:NETTO was a great opportunity to buy some clothes and accessories made by Latvian designers. Ehhh I guess Tuesday wasn’t my lucky day, nothing fitted me. But jabot that Boy bought was super cool and looked really one of a kind.

Paul Mitchell/Global Fitness event was a bit strange. Ok I’ m not really good when talking about hair trends but I think hairstyles were interesting and creative.But models…C’mon!!! They were super unprofessional and somehow made everything look a bit ridiculous. It seemed that they didn’t really know what to do on stage! It was big “no-no-no”. However pieces from KatyaKatya Shehurina still made my heart beating faster 🙂

And I don’t even wanna comment all other “performances” – fake Baiba Sipeniece/Verka Serduchka/whoever, strip plastika dancers (or whatever they were called) and drunk lady next to me who was acting inappropriately, intensively waving to models and trying to dance. But at least she was having fun! 🙂


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Here in Riga, we have a festival of light. This is not a tradition yet, but organizers believe that it`ll become one soon. The festival took place for the second time. This year Rigasians and city visitors could observe all that art from 14th till 18th November.  

Different artists presents their light installations to public on streets. Fantasy of artists is just unlimited, not only ordinary things like light bulbs and searchlights are involved, but also textiles, dancers and ultra violet light. There were also marvelous installation like clip projection on building’s facade. (i`ll upload a video as soon as i`ll deal with my stupid Motorola V8 and Bluetooth).


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This is just urgent. This is for lady from last night
Evita Vilde., mob: 29196296

A night before Independence Day

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Tomorrow our state is going to celebrate it`s 91st Independence Day. This gives an opportunity to party tonight! That`s way there are a lot of events, including fashion related. 
Girl and Boy has been invited to an evening show by Paul Mitchell Artistic Team. The show will take place in Studio 69 (a glamorous place with golden décor and Swarovski crystals).
We expect to observe some new hairstyles and fun people. The organizers promise a celebration till sunrise.

We are going to check that out, but before that  Girl and Boy are going to visit FASHION/NETTO thingie – a fair of Latvian fashion designers clothes for a net price. YAY! Among other designers there will be Ingrīda Drāzniece, Žanete Auziņa, and  Natālija Jansone.