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SALT by Indra Salceviča (2nd day)

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Ok, i have to admit that to keep up with the rhythm of RFW is challenging. While Girl was watching FIP, i had a chance to enjoy SALT SS10 collection. Indra Salceviča had her own interpretation of traditional values – a men`s shirt, but from a transparent fabric, a men`s pants, but with a sophisticated cut, drawers, yes!, but as pants. Everything was solid and i`m planing to pop in to PAVILJONS shop in Domina Shopping to get amazingly done shirt and fabulous vest, coz it`s worth supporting a designer, who brings hight waist pants and playful leggings to men`s fashion!
(click on pics to enlarge)

Fashion is PASSION…

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Yesterday was full of fashion events – one of them took place in the Riga Circus – the final of the creative fashion competition „Fashion is Passion” (FIP). FIP is an annual creative competition, which gives a chance to every young artist from Baltic States to prove his or her creative talent.
I haven’t been in Circus since I was 6 years old, so from my point of view – the location itself was worth to see. However event wasn’t crowded, overall atmosphere was good. Cute girls dressed a la circus-style offered drinks and popcorn. Žanete Skarule was the host of the event and she did really well, especially the performance featuring real leopard.
Even more important it was unique opportunity to see the collection of the famous fashion icon Diane Pernet movie’s collection “A Shaded View on Fashion Film” (ASVOFF) premier in Latvia as well as evaluate FIP final works and to participate at the nomination ceremony of FIP.
As the fashion films are the future of the fashion, event clearly showed that fashion is not just clothes. It’s a form of art with unique conception, production as a part of bigger idea in order to communicate and extend the vision. Fashion film includes not only films done by designers but also advertisements, documentaries, music videos (in which fashion and style play prominent role), retrospectives etc.
Here are 3 of my favorites from ASVOFF 2009 film collection (full list of ASOFF films and more info you can find here)

Gareth Pugh and film of his aw 2009 collection. That’s a real piece of art.

Rick Owens – talking about fashion differences of man and woman as well as portrait of him.

Something funny – for shoe addicts… 🙂

For me the most important part was the ASVOFF films but after all the winner of FIP competition was film “Lust Lust” produced by Mārtiņš Grauds (you can watch all other FIP completion films here). No prize for Mareunrol’s (they actually had 2 films in FIP contest)  – I think that was one of the most intriguing moments. Honestly, for me that was something new and fresh and unexpected. No offense, but I am so used to the fact that Mareunrol’s win all the prices (and that definetly shows how talanted they are), but sometimes I just want “new blood” – and I finally got that…
Congrats, congrats – Mārtiņ!
P.S.It was very dark there in circus and Boy with his awesome camera was attending RFW shows, so I was left alone with my poor camera (and I’m terribly bad with techniques). Anyway I got very, very shaded snap of Diane Pernet. So enjoy infamous fashion icon!

RFW style advices

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Oh my Lord, yesterday was a NIGHT. I`m just woke up an trying to put me self together and digest the huge amount of information, celebs and events. But first of all i just want to say, that `i,m really happy that Mārtiņš Grauds is the winner of FIP 2009 – i believe that it`s the best work at FIP so for (not to mention, that there is one of my fav latvian models). While Girl was enjoying FIP, i, Boy was mingling with celebs. I looooove it (Fabia voice)    
OK, take a deep breath and read-and-watch
We, Girl and Boy started our fashion day by attending the official RFW press conference. Elena Strahova, Tanja Baļvas and Agnese Zeltiņa were there to share their thoughts. It was a looong talking and here is a summary – Elena Strahova, the main person at RFW said, that she is realy surprised about the fact, that now, in the economical crisis designers are opening shops and stores. She has two explanations for that – either the rent prise went really low, or our designers got inspired by THE CRISIS and got all creative. Agnese Zeltiņa was, and i hope still is, happy about being a face of RFW!  She also told, that her modelling experience is no rich. But Agnese, darling, we are happy with the quality!!!! Interesting fact, in 1991 she was a model (yes, after the fall of USSR independent Latvia had some fashion event too) for Riccardo Tisci here in Latvia. Yes, the Riccardo from Givenchy, God bless him.
OK, enough of facts, lets switch to STAR advises:
STYLE advise #1
Wise Agnese Zeltiņa suggest to invest money in shoes, sunnies and accessories. What`s in between, nobody cares. But if you are living in a country with a warm climate instead of investing in shoes, she recommends to do a pedicure. Agnese is a bare foot lover and she had a chance to enjoy it in Los Angeles during a film production, where she is a main star, called “Es gribu tavu meiču”.

STYLE advise #2
Elita Drāke, the societé and restaurant “Feeling” owner believes that style it’s all bout loving yourself plus glamouring.

STYLE advise #3
Another Agnese, Agnese Kleina, the journalist, blogger and good-looking-girl gave us a small style tip – take a souvenir (whatever you have) and attach a pin to it. Result: a unique accessory.

STYLE advise #4
Šeila, the  crazy (in a good meaning) designer told us, that in order to stylish you have to have sober view on your wardrobe and be creative, for instance DIY is the success key-factor.

STYLE advise #5

Olga Kolotova, the L`Officiel Latvija fashion editor promised to give me a style advise tomorrow. But just check a picture of her and everything will be clear – fur scarf and  grey palette is ON now!

STYLE adive #6

Marija Kapelka, the consulting dept. director Colliers International recommends to buy clothes which is comfortable. You know my attitude to the “comfortable” style, but Marija has a right understanding of comfortable: hight heel boots and a cosy-stylish knitted dress-lovely!

STYLE advise #7

Maija Silova, the TV and style diva. I was bedazzled by her, that i`v became speechless and completely forgot to ask her for a style advise. Luckily i still was able to take a picture of her. That is a style manual!!! Boy loves Maija Silova!!!

Person at Stuff’n’Style

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Katya Shehurina came on the opening event to watch Anna Led’s collection and shared a joyful news with us – she bought Jack Russel Terier recently! Interesting, will it has an impact on her collections. Or maybe we`ll have dogs designer clothes by KatyaKatyaShehurina?!

Dima, the hair stylist from Pastelle told us that it was quite hard to meet Hanna Korsar’s demands regarding hair style. There were 3 hair dressers who have done an amazing job just in 3 hours! Professionals, what can you add!

Dmirti Doubovik, the RWF manager was really happy about opening event and said, that there is a fan group of RFW on Face Book. Worth checking.

Mara, the model was doing the Anna Led’s catwalk, which she`ll enjoyed very much. Also she`s glad about her new violet hair. Oh, we love you Mara!!! (One we, Girl and Boy had a great photo session with Mara on a roof). Also Mara said that Boy look like Chuck from Gossip Girls…

Gundega Skudriņa, the Stils bez Tabu (style without taboo) presenter and creator was really generous to us, beginners of fashion blogging, and said that she wasn`t expecting much from the opening, however she`s looking forward seeing Andre Tan`s show, the honoured guest of RFW from Ukraine, Katya Shehurina’s catwalk,  Russian designer Birykov event and Alise Indriksone’s show, “interesting and worthy player in fashion field” as Gundega admitted.

Janis Logins, the RFW manager believes, that if public thinks that the fashion show has succeeded, that it really is successful! According to Janis, everything went just fine. He also mentioned, that organizing this year’s event was easier than before – “now people are more precise about their wishes and aims, what helps a lot”.


The Opening Show

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The first day of RFW is already over. Opening show was… well… a bit weird. I didn’t get that glamorous and special-invitations-only feeling witch I was expecting to catch. I think everything ended way too early and I had a feeling that the event wasn’t that much about fashion week as for people to show off themselves. But But I don’t want to criticize.
First of all – the shows. I liked the simplicity and natural elegance of Anna Led, especially lovely were shoes (wedges) coveredwith leggings, skirts that reminded me parachutes and accentuated waistline. Something magical was there (click on image to enlarge).
Collection by Hanna Korsar was theatrical, garments were very detailed (there really was something Galiano-ish) and textiles were manipulated in some mystical way but I couldn’t fully enjoy the show only because the lighting wasn’t appropriate and the stairs made catwalk way too complicated to follow. I was soooooooo worried that models could fall down the stairs (and I saw the stress in their eyes too) that I just couldn’t stop watching their feet. 
I think that lot of people didn’t even recognize music and video performance by Žanete Auziņa and I was one of them. There were 3 or 4 LCD monitors that were showing video by Auziņa. But I understand it too late to pay appropriate attention because monitors made me think of advertisements and I didn’t even watch them.  
Performance of Latte (Backstreet boy-ish band) was, no offence, but a bit ridiculous however it made me smile (and laugh) a lot : ) I’m in love with a fairytale… 
Still I appreciate that RFW is still going on and is still alive even though it’s tough. I like that organizers are still passionate about their mission. As Janis Logins, one of the organizers of RFW,  said that it’s all about local designers – they are the reason WHY fashion week has been organized. If local designers do well, fashion week do well. So let’s wait for shows.
It’s not the right time to be super picky however critics always help to make improvements.
For me openings are all about hobnobbing, especially when such events as fashion weeks, usually, are stuffed with different kinds of societés, celebs and other-well-know-people. However, this time it was really hard to mingle with them because of bad lighting. The idea of the opening event in semi-ready cinema was interesting, but i haven`t seen any connection between Anna Led’s and Hanna Korsar’s collections and dream factory at all.
If you don`t take in account the show’s lighting and set up, Girl is absolutely right about Anna Led and her supreme femininity and simplicity (in some ways) of the collection. More over it was a preview of her SS’10 so there will be more to see and hopefuly wear.
Regarding Hanna Korsar’s collection a have mixed feelings. True, that it was creative and spectacular, but was it really THAT creative. During the cat walk (or horror performance where models were balancing on stairs and avoiding grand falls. Too early for Halloween, i guess) i couldn`t get rid of a thought that Mr. Galiano’s has passed away and Hanna is his next reincarnation, but with a less fantasy and budget.

Girl mentioned about two performances – Latte and Žaneta Auziņa. Well, to tell the truth, instead of enjoying Latte i was looking for champagne refill and Žanete’s video and music performance stayed completely unnoticed to me.    
There are 3 more days to come… What it will be is a mystery. Just follow us, make an effort!

RFW (a)LIVE!!!

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Oh boy, i`m so flattered to be invited to RFW opening party. I hope we`ll be the first one who`ll cover this event.

Most of all, i`m exited about ANNA LED new collection ( have no idea what ANNA is going to present, but i`m 100% positive that there will be some comfort-radiant-knitwear.
Never-seen-before HANNA KORSAR’s ( collection is this day’s intrigue. Just few words to say, she`s  John Galiano with a etno-Baltic twist with less make up.
You want know and see more, then follow us! Right, Girl?!

Sooo true, Boy! I feel excitement all around me! And actually I can’t wait to see the video & music performance by Zanete Auzina? I don’t really know what to expect but that makes everything even more intriguing. Will see!

Dear followers, stay tuned and we will let you know all the details!

Riga Fashion Week

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Dear followers,

We, Girl and Boy are very happy to announce, that stuff’n’style has been accredited to cover Riga Fashion Week.
“On October 28-31 the capital of Latvia will host biannual international fashion festival RIGA FASHION WEEK organized by the Baltic Fashion Federation. With its more than 5 years history RFW became a visiting card of Riga promoting the city as the fashion capital of the Baltic region. This time Riga Fashion Week will present fashion trends from the leading designers of the Baltic region and international brands for the spring/summer 2010 season. Splendid program of the event full of multifarious shows, presentations, exhibitions and parties will traditionally entertain the visitors of RFW.” this and many more you can read on
Meanwhile, we are going to visit the hot spots of the RFW and post about it. Also we have invitations to Anna Led catwalk. Be prepared to meet Latvian queen of knitwear already tomorrow!
P.S. Gosh, what we are going to wear… 🙂

Event WORTH attending!

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Diane Pernet’s ASVOFF (A Shaded View On Fashion Film) collection will be shown in Riga (October 29th, 2009). Btw Riga is the first stop after premier in Paris. Sounds good, right? Plus: opportunity to see “Fashion is Passion” film collection (more info about FIP here and Diane Pernet & ASVOFF here).

ASVOFF 2009 Trailer

I want it NOW!

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The marathon of fashion is over and it made me think about the product life cycle in the fashion industry. People live from one fashion week to other, from ready-to-wear to couture, to resort and to pre-collections. Year is fulfill with the events but sometimes it makes me wonder why must I wait so long to get my hands on the latest pieces seen on the runway. It will take like 5-6 months till the spring collections will hit the stores. Right now I’m supposed to like and wear the trends seen on runway 6 months ago when the autumn/winter shows were on. Isn’t that a bit weird?
Probably this situation was ok when the internet didn’t rule the world. Now when you don’t have to be a magazine editor, powerful buyer, or world class celebrity to get a front-row seat in the fashion show, when you can stream live video of the event and watch it at home wearing your Pj’s or sweats (like this Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 show).

It’s just distracting to wait soooo long. If I like the piece of clothing, silhouette or pattern that I’ve seen on the latest runway, consciously or unconsciously, I start to look for something similar available in the stores right now or make a project for DIY. I want it NOW.
And if I see celebrities already rockin’ the newest trends from the latest shows (even though it’s not spring yet, well, it’s not even winter), then it just doesn’t seem acceptable to buy something trendy that in the fashion-forward society is already considered as sooooooooo last season.
C’mon aren’t you already tired of rocker chick babes, leather jackets, pants and studded bags? And what about the obsession of shoulder pads that makes people look like ridiculous copies of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Joan Collins from Dynasty?
Don’t you think that fashion industry should change the product life cycle? If internet technologies change so fast, why can’t fashion industry move forward too?
I`m more a style person, rather than fashion, so that`s why sometimes I find people`s obsession with fashion  a bit odd . True, fashion product life cycle is way too short – mostly, only 6 month. And it`s not only question of money, which you are ready to spend or “invest” in it, but also that confusion caused by at least 4 main trends. People become mad trying to be super modern and follow current trends. Let`s face it, it`s really hard to avoid a pressure coming from TV and glossy magazines, with people telling you what to wear this season. What is more, our brains are stuffed with not only present trends but also with coming up seasons`. And what to do with pre-collections and resorts… In order not to be over-drafted and not having mental breakdowns from that fashion information and still be not an-outcast-n-old-fashioned there are two solutions.
Solution #1 – “Cheap and Chic”
We all know that there is a brand called Zara – a nightmare for designer and manna from heaven to fashionistas. Zara provides a a fresh copies from catwalks straight to you city in all sizes and colours. Yes, it is a crime against fashion in some ways, but what to do with the fact, that Zara is more faster with garment production. Funny, but Zara is ahead of clothe` design actual brands in terms of time. It takes 4-6 weeks for Zara from “idea” to ready-to-wear piece on a hanger. Plus, prices are sooo much more attractive. Another ting is that your body has to be mannequin alike to fit Zara`s clothe perfectly. Sure, other zarai`sh brands are available, like Mango and H&M, but they, comparing to Zara, still have a creative team. So this is a first option how to be dressed up-to-date.
Solution #2- Style
Invent your own style or pick one from existing. And word style has nothing in common with a word comfortable, and by comfortable I understand hoodies, sweatpants, flats for girls (yaaaaaaaaaaaak) and ugly sport shoes (see picture bellow) and baggy jeans.

There is a variety of styles starting from down-to-earth, and ending something from outer-space, as an brilliant example Lady gaga. When you have a mature concept of style it`s easy to shop – no need of latest trends, no hysterical bidding and e-baying, no credit card drama and plenty time for your life.

Speaking of modern technologies and the Internet – both solutions is easier to implement with a help of wires and cables, laptops and netbooks. For example H&M has an online shop, but lost`s of style gurus – blogs with advises. But i think that people should change their shopping attitude and fashion behaviour first, before internet will establish consumption religion even deeper. In 30`s, 40`s, 50`s for instance each decade till Millennium had it`s own significant fashion and silhouette. But how we can describe 00`s – mishmash of everything and a guilt of not being fashionable, which is cultivated by another cat walks and presentations.
It`s a major topic to be discussed more seriously – contemporary consumption society. But i have not a big wish, nor time (expect new post about trends soon (-; ). I just suggest to shop more wiser and with a responsibility. Especially when recession is not over…

The Boys are Back

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Well, all are aware of supermodels. Such brands as Versace were on of the first, who started to exploit the image of young and successful woman, who is not only a hanger for a piece of clothing but also a personality. The 90’s were all about personality – we were obsessed with a new religion of consumption and fashion. And of course there’s no religion without fashion icons and style saints. People started to worship modern goddesses, like Claudia Schiefer, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Eva Hercigova, Linda Evangelista and many others. Later on, after the advent of an era of optimization, companies started to cut down idols lust for gold,  and someone finally stated that people are tired of the what-shall-I-do-to-be-as-pretty-as-insert-top-model-is. Moreover, fashion at the time wasn’t focused on the garments as such, but rather on the people who wore them. 

Millennium wasn`t Armageddon for mankind, though supermodels sank into oblivion. 2000 put a 3 megawatt spotlight exactly on fashion. Only designer clothes, without any personality in the background. There still were models, though not from Olympus but next-door-girls. No more super proportional faces, long legs and perfect bodies. Seeing an ordinary person/model public automatically began paying attention to what they are wearing. Apparently, there were several reasons to it. First of all, there was a lack of model-celebrities to advertise biggest brands; secondly, people were humiliated by the perfect look of the model, which was stating that you had to be perfect to fit that brand; and finally, models themselves had become too expensive for nursing brands.

A subject both interesting and research worthy, isn’t it?! But now to the point!!! Where were all the boys? Everyone knows who is Cyndi Crawford or Nadya Auermann. But does anyone know who Mark Wahlberg is?! Anyone?! Yes, it was that muscle-endowed guy in CK undies. And actually he isn’t any model at all; he is a producer and actor. Countless hours of surfing the Internet brought me only several unfamiliar names of the 90`s male models, such as Ronny Marquette. This name may recall Live`s 501 ad, but frankly there was nothing iconic about Ronny. And a small fan club does not count. The rest of Naughty`s male models shared Ronny Marquette’s fate.
In the 90`s people were more aware of porn male models. And maybe things would have remained the same, but luckily marketing people from the fashion and beauty industry finally noticed that fashion is meant not only for women. After many many sweaty hours, these capitalist frankensteins invented a new creature – flamboyant, perfectly dressed, perfumed, with flawless skin and, what is important, hetero male. They even thought of a name for it: Metro-sexual. If before men were swiping credit cards to buy an expensive cigars, watches and spirits, now with the help of an ad they discovered the importance of the right brand and appropriate grooming. Since then girls had to share their, before untouched, bathroom space for beauty supplies. Cosmetic brands even introduced self-tanning lotions for men. I remember carrot-tanned guys in 2004, frightening. But metro-sexuals weren’t happy with it, and then all kinds of male make up stuff became available in stores. 

In the mid 2000`s the market form men`s fashion and beauty experienced a strong growth. Brands such as Lanvin, Balenciaga and Mango launched never-before-seen man`s lines, followed with numerous cosmetics labels extensions. Just take a name and put word “men” after it and another aftershave or scrub is ready. When the market niсhe had been stuffed with everything, and men became more picky, a competition between brands arose. To maintain demand on garments and cosmetics ad people started to use male celebs in commercial campaigns. Like Matthew Mcconaughey for D&G, or David and his tight back`s ham wrapped in Emporio Armani pants, what actually helped to beat CK men`s underwear sales with it`s unknown studs.
Celebs wandered from liquor and watch advertisements to glossy fashion magazines. All shiny, successful and famous. Take for instance the relative new skin care line for men from L`Oreal Men Expert – Pierce Bronsnan as an anti-aging face and spokesman, and Matthew Fox – a hydrated and natural looking guy. L`Oreal continued their ad policy in men`s products – real true stars, I even remember Michael Schuhmacher on a hair dyeing crème’s Feria pack’s cover. It was a message to male consumers: that it’s ok to dye your hair, “c`mon, even Michael from F1 does it!!!” These male celebrities on covers and on TV was the most advanced strategy to promote men`s fashion and cosmetics till the very moment when poor men realized that though it’s still possible to have a body like Mr. Fox’s or Mr. Beckham’s, it`s unrealistic to achieve what they had. And men are taking failure more personal then girls. It`s annoying to see a smiling men’s idol with a personality and Oscars behind him, so why do I have to buy the advertised product?
Once again the smart pants from marketing departments gave us just a good looking man, without background. He is just a guide, who shows us what to wear and how to look. He has no billion bills, no awards and no fame. He is just a modern Apollo or male supermodel. And there are more then one, and they have names. Please meet them: David Gandy, Noah Mills and Tyson Ballou. All of them are in new D&G ad for a new line of fragrances developed by photographer Mario Testino and designer Stefano Gabbana. Personally, I think that it`s a great idea to have a guide or a sample of modern men`s image.

As a girl I should know at least some infamous male models but, honestly, I don’t. Well, I do recognize the faces and those hot bodies from catwalks or ads but can’t name anyone. Then again I can tell you at least 20 well known female models but none male model. Ok, I know one; it’s Baptiste Giabiconi from Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld shows and ads. Anyway, why is so?
Always when I switch on my phone – guess who is saying “Hello” to me? It’s the guy from Calvin Klein underwear ad, well his picture. No idea what’s his real name is but I call him Cutie (only because the picture is saved as CkCutie.jpg). And when I switch my phone off there is this other picture from Paco Rabanne perfume ad – remember that hot guy with a nice smile and…body (Hottie.jpg)?

So I googled… Wow, my guys have real names too… Will Chalker is the one from Paco Rabanne ad and also the same who was carrying a baby tiger onto Dolce & Gabbana‘s spring/summer 2005 menswear catwalk. And Jamie Dornan is the guy from Calvin Klein. There’s something to learn.

Somehow male models are less popular or harder recognizable than female. The only reason I can think of is the gender expectations or stereotypes. Let’s be honest, woman is allowed not to work or not to be very smart. It’s ok for woman to be just physically attractive. But people expect something more from man than just a good look. It’s ok for a girl to be full time model, but for a guy – I don’t think so. I want to believe that male modeling is just a part time job for a short time period. Of course, there are some male models that stay on the billboard longer than few seasons but they still can keep their anonymity alive. I would love to know their names but don’t know why industry is not eager to introduce us. Fashion industry has some specifics as well as others. E.g. how many famous female athletes do you know? Not that much. There is something common, right? Stereotypes.