Bow tie and Anna W for Christmas

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Oh what a crazy times – it`s been a week since our last post…but seriously, it’s really hard to find some spare minutes for  blogging while you are in that pre- and postchristmas delirium waiting for NYE to come. Thanks God today I don’t have to work and can dedicate some time to our blog.
Last Wednesday, finally, I visited store PAVILJONS at DOMINA SHOPPING CENTRE. That was nice experience – a lot of things, which I saw on last RFW was there on hangers! I recommend to check that shop out, and if you still haven’t got any clue what to put under your Christmas tree. Or you can simply get a present for your own self as I did. Look, here is another fabulous bow tie by Agnese Narņicka  HYPNOSIS FASHION  just for 10 LVL.
Tomorrow I’m planing to visit PAVILJONS again.  How knows, may be I’ll have another consumer impulse and max my credit card out…
BTW Anna W, who is almost blind how, but is is capable of separating text from pictures paid me a visit just before Christmas. No she is on holidays somewhere in the Alps. Anna I miss you, but your latest creations are…strange. 
Happy holidays!


Christmas Tree a la Pandora!

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I had a wonderful weekend and there were many reasons for it!
I`v been posting about super-cool-worth-attending-and-not-regretting-afterwards party at Salt`n`Pepper. So last Saturday there was “The Lost Disco” party with Djs Dmi3 and Discomethod who have performed absolutely joyful music fro 70`s and 80`s with a New Age twist. Little teaser here:

I suggest y`all to come at Salt`n`Pepper to celebrate  New Year Eve on 31st Dec or next day, on 1st Jan for those who will need some hangover recovery. BTW drinks are really affordable.
As I was posting earlier I had a plan to visit ЯRMARKA, an even organized by Latvia College of Arts during Christmas time, where students are selling their creations. Some pieces were really masterpiece-ish. So if you still don’t have any x-mas presents, you may find them there. To the truth, I`m deliberately posting that photos now, because I wanted to make sure, that i`ll get some of this  before y`all, sorry ^_^. They are made out of porcelain and are really unique and atypically designed. Here are the pictures!!!

And here’s some extra info:

Also last Friday I was on Avatar, the movie by James Cameron. If you haven`t seen it yet, I’m telling you it`s a MUST. So I`v got really inspired by that film and sets and backgrounds and graphics and script and play and etc. So actually this film made my X-mas tree’s design.

And finally, just to tease you more – I know  where and when RFW is going to take place!!! Also there are some other great news, but everything in it’s own time.
Dear follower, I`ll be glad to receive and post your Christmas trees!

to be or not to be… new career???

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@ Cosmo party… yeah, we were having fun, right, Boy?


And here’s some fun activity… Your opinion matters… 🙂

Girl & Boy for Maybelline faces???